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    wooden boxes manufacturer professional Service Training from alibaba company 2017-12-08

    We all come from different city and stay together 114 numbers who attended these professional service training. Thanks to our professional teachers, Thanks to our best students-friend which come from ...

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    International Shipping Price Terms 2017-11-21

    FOB “Free on board”: supplier pays the cost from the point of manufacturer to a specified loading port. After ...

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    barrel benefits 2017-11-21

    Barrel benefits: Barrel separated from decoration barrel, wine storage barrel,and packing barrel in our company oak barrel The&nbs...

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    Paulownia wood also named phoenix Wood 2017-11-21

    Paulownia also named phoenix wood. They are native in China and south to northern laos and Vietnam and long&nb...

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    Red Wine Benefits 2014-08-02

    Now everyone chooses to drink the red wine who are probably smart. Beautiful wooden gift boxes packing could help&n...

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